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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I gather ideas for my kitchen?

First, assess your needs. Do you cook a lot? Is there normally more than one person working in the kitchen at a time? Do you entertain? Is the kitchen a place where your family gathers? We also recommend collecting pictures from trade journals and magazines as a communication tool. Showing your designer ideas, colors, appliances or rooms that appeal to you is very helpful.

What should I expect to spend?

There is a broad range. The average kitchen remodel in the US checks in at about $50,000. The average upscale kitchen remodel is about $100,000. We recommend that homeowners set their budget at 15%-20% of the value of their house.

Why do I need to develop a "do not exceed" number or a price range?

A good designer will use that price range as a design parameter. Other examples of design parameters would be the size of the room or the location of the windows and doors, as well as your aesthetic preferences.

Should I design with resale in mind?

It depends on how long you plan to live in the house. If you plan to live there less than five years, resale should be a consideration.

What if I want to replace my countertops and update the hardware?

While some homeowners do decide to only replace countertops, we always recommend doing a complete kitchen remodel. This is especially true for kitchens that arre over 10-15 years old. The long term return on investment is better, and the end result is better. Usually about the time countertops are wearing out, or are outdated, so are the existing cabinets and appliances.

Do you work with people or contractors building new homes?

Absolutely. We always welcome clients and contractors building new homes.

Do you give free estimates?

We give free estimates to those who have an existing plan. If you do not have a detailed kitchen plan, a designer can help you develop a budget.

Do you design bathrooms?

Yes. We also design and build libraries, bars, entertainment centers, theaters, custom architectural millwork and on occasion furniture.

I want to move a wall when I remodel. Can Elwood McIntire help me with that?

Yes. Elwood McIntire is a class A general contractor, which is the same designation that a homebuilder carries. Explained simply: Elwood McIntire is a specialty contractor. We regularly do projects that involve structural, wall, window and door changes.

I know that the wall is load bearing. Can Elwood McIntire still help me with that?

Yes. We regularly do projects that involve structural, wall, window and door changes.

Do I have to find plumbers, electricians, tile mechanics etc.?

No. We provide subcontractors as part of the of the project, using qualified specialists to perform work in their respective fields. The people that we use are the same people that we use in our own homes.

Does Elwood McIntire use sub-contractors or employees?

We use both. We use the same group of sub-contractors on all of our jobs. They are familiar with our expectations and we are familiar with their work.

Will Elwood McIntire provide design services only?

No, Elwood McIntire will provide designs only for work that we intend to perform. Our recommendation is that to the benefit of the client, the person responsible for designing your kitchen or bath also be the person responsible for implementing the design.

I have an architect or interior designer that I am working with on my house. Will you work with them?

Yes. We regularly work with other design and industry professionals.

How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

Normally, most kitchen remodeling projects take between 6 and 10 weeks. This is a general guideline, and we can be specific to your project prior to starting demolition.

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